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Which are the key principles to follow?

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Fightitaway gives 16 Scientifically proven and self-tested key principles/Mantras which are listed below.

Take Dinner by 7 PM and next meal after 12 hrs only

Breakfast should be the heaviest and dinner lightest meal

Drink 12 glasses of water per day & 2 at the onset of the day

Eating frequently – 5 to 6 meals but of a small proportion

Sugar/Jaggery is restricted to 2 TSB each day

Brisk walk or exercise or yoga at least for 45 minutes each day

Eat a bowl of salad before lunch and dinner

Eat Fruits two times a day

Minimize bread. Eat whole wheat or multigrain bread only

Use Cold processed (Kachi Ghani) oils – Mustard/ Til etc

Eat ghee 1 tsp as tadka or over chapati or on rice as garnishing

Consume Only 2 cups of tea or coffee in a day

Drink  buttermilk each day

Take at least 1 bowl of soup each day

Besides cardio do weights exercises also

After every 30 minutes of sitting walk for 2 to 3 minutes

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