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Brown Vs White Rice-Which One Is Best For Weight Loss?

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Brown Rice Vs. White Rice for Weight Loss

Brown rice or white rice is more effective for weight loss? Rice is a portion of the food we all have in our closets. It is effortless to find it in stores, and it is in the ingredients of many recipes. However, you may know that that rice can also be the critical food in a slimming diet.

The rice diet is the new trend in the world of nutrition, after the famous dried cranberry diet. It originated in Asian countries, where rice consumption is increasing. It is also part of the world with the most prolonged longevity.

However, everybody says that rice, like pasta, can make you fat. And that it is, therefore, necessary to limit its consumption as part of a slimming or weight loss diet. Although rice mixed with high-fat foods can make you fattening, it is very healthy to eat it if you decide to combine it with other foods rich in benefits, such as vegetables.

The Rice Diet Principle: Brown Rice Vs. White Rice for Weight Loss

A German researcher, Walter Kempner, developed the rice diet. He was working on various conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases when he realised that rice could prevent these conditions. So this diet was first used in medicine. It has now spread to the health world for the benefit of people seeking to lose weight.

However, you may be wondering how rice can be useful in the fight against excess weight? It’s simple, first of all, rice contains very few calories. It is ideal in a weight loss diet. What’s more, rice has a low glycemic index. It means that blood glucose levels will remain stable. And the body will not produce more insulin. Rice will be beneficial, especially for people with diabetes. Finally, rice has a very high satiating power; it will give you a feeling of satiety very quickly, which will allow you to reduce the amount of food eaten during meals. It is also useful for limiting appetite and reducing the desire to snack during the day, a habit that is very harmful to weight loss.

To make this diet as effective as possible, nutritionists recommend choosing brown rice, which is the purest form of rice. You will undoubtedly get most of the benefits and nutrients in the rice husk.  You know what? Brown rice is rich in calcium, potassium, magnesium, carbohydrates, protein and thiamine. It has an appetite suppressant effect than white rice. So, you must opt for brown rice for weight loss. Besides, it contains antioxidants that will be beneficial in fighting free radicals that damage body and skin cells. Its fibres are always helpful in maintaining healthy digestion and intestinal transit, fighting constipation.

How To Implement This Diet To Lose Weight?

Your rice cure should take place between 2 and 4 weeks to bring you the maximum benefits. Brown rice is superior to the white one. However, it will be important not to exceed this period to avoid suffering from deficiencies. This diet, although it includes foods other than rice, remains quite restrictive for your body.

Along with brown rice, you should eat fruit and vegetables, white meat and fish, low-fat cheese and yoghurt. You will have to ban fatty and sugar-rich foods from your diet, like sodas and sweets. These are terrible for your body.  And these will bring unwanted weight gain.

Your diet should start by eating rice as the only food in your meals. For the first two days, you should eat rice at every meal with a fruit of your choice. In the days following the early two days, you can gradually introduce new foods into your diet. For example, start with a 0% yoghurt for breakfast and then add wholegrain cereals. You can also mix your rice with stir-fried vegetables and pieces of chicken breast. Spices will be welcome to help you gain flavour.

As you can see, it’s almost a “rebalancing”, teaching you to eat healthy again starting with rice. Indeed, if the diet was limited to a single consumption of rice for a few days, it will be much more complicated to avoid the rebound effect afterwards. Once the menu is over, you should, therefore, take care to eat a balanced diet rich in fruit, vegetables and brown rice! People fail in intermittent fasting for weight loss. So, you can rely on rice diets to lose your weight. Or even you can start yoga coaching via video call.

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